GISgov is your expert in municipal government GIS support. Founded by professionals of government GIS operations, our professionals offer decades of GIS expertise.

At GISgov we enable your organization to provide GIS services at a fraction of the cost of having a dedicated GIS department.  Our services include

  • Administration and maintenance of your existing GIS
  • Configuration, setup and implementation of your new GIS
  • Map production
  • CAD to GIS data conversion
  • Census LUCA address updates
  • Census analysis
  • Crime Pattern Analysis
  • With cutting-edge cloud-based solutions, accessing and managing your GIS has never been easier from your laptop, tablet, or mobile device.
  • Don’t want to add another GIS professional to your staff for that one project or upgrade? Don’t have the budget for enough full-time staff members? Starting out and need advice on setup, integration with other systems, storage, servers, and more? Only need an on-call GIS professional to assist with software upgrades, debugging applications and other daily functions?

    Call us today at 954-300-3055 to speak with a GISgov professional.