Did you know GIS can be used to analyze, organize, and interpret data across a variety of industries and disciplines?

Health & Human Services

From the time of Dr. John Snow mapping the cholera outbreak in 1854 London, geographic information has been useful for epidemiologists monitoring and predicting the spread of diseases. Now, it’s possible to put robust computer systems and shared data to use to prepare and plan.

Public Safety

What was once primarily hot-spot mapping has evolved to include high-powered predictive crime analysis. Geography-based data can also be used by fire departments for route mapping, hazardous-materials location awareness, and event planning. Advances in image capture and 3D modeling can help cities plan for sea level rise, and other elements of climate change such as areas likely to flood during large storms or unusual tides.


Imagine knowing the precise location of every pipe, joint, and valve in your system and being able to find leaks and replace parts with minimal digging and disruption.

Imagine knowing the location of every tree in your parks, the last time each was trimmed, and the cost in case of disease or storm damage.

Municipal Government

Need a socioeconomic profile for a grant proposal?  Need to know where all your parking meters are located and which ones are generating the most revenue? Need a mailing list to communicate with residents? Redistricting political boundaries giving you a headache? GIS can help.


Routing buses, defining school boundaries, and site selection for new buildings and distribution hubs can all be accomplished more efficiently and effectively using GIS services.

If your business or organization needs to make decisions and would like to make better decisions, chances are there’s a way a Geographic Information System could help.

Additionally, what was once a costly investment, can be accomplished via consulting and cloud support without the need for a dedicated department or hardware.

Contact GISGOV, Inc. to learn more about how we can help you.

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